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Until the 30’s of the last century, the village you are visiting didn’t exist.
Sestriere is very recent since it was built ex-novo in 1934 on the territorial district of the ex Champlas du Col and Sauze di Cesana municipalities and Borgata, which is a fraction of Sestriere and which is closer to the village of Pragelato.

The word “Sestriere” seems to derive from “Sestriere stone”; this stone was probably used as a system of measure from the inhabitants.
The first settlements seem to date back to the Western Roman Empire.
During the history Hannibal, Cesar and Napoleon passed here accompanied with their armies and the town suffered the Vandal, the Saracen and the Dauphin invasions.

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It was then theatre of several fights for the succession of Spain and Austria.
It is memorable the Assietta battle (1747), won by the Piedmont’s against the French’s. In the 20’s a new age began : the “Possetto” Family, the only one who lived in Sestriere before 1930 built a small hotel of 20 rooms which was open only during the summer season but the real protagonist of the tourist development was the “Agnelli” Family.

The senator Giovanni Agnelli and his son Edoardo had the idea (and the money!) of building a skiing resort. The place and the surroundings were ideal: a highland encircled by mountains and situated near Torino. The Agnelli company constructed four cable cars and the two famous towers: the “Duchi d’Aosta hotel” (white tower) and “La Torre” (red tower). You can still see the two towers which are both owned by the Club Med. In the following years, Sestriere became a very famous ski resort especially because of the different competitions and meetings that took place here.

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It was the scene of the World Alpine Skiing Championship in 1997 and in 2006 the venue of the Winter Olympic Games.

Sestriere is located between the Chisone Valley and the Upper Susa Valley on an altitude of 2035 m. It is 105 Km far from Turin and it has about 850 inhabitants distributed on a mountain surface of 2580 hectares. It is a famous tourist resort, especially during the winter season, rich with ski tracks for both Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing.

It forms part of the Via Lattea ski resort with Clavière-Cesana, Sauze d’Oulx, Sansicario and Pragelato. Among all the tracks the most interesting ones are: Banchetta, Sises, Fraiteve and Rio Nero.

Sestriere is made up of 4 inhabited units: Sestriere Colle, Sestriere Borgata, Champlas du Col and Champlas Janvier.

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During the summer as well , Sestriere offers you a lot of different activities: from the walk and bicycle excursions to the rafting and the back horse riding.

At a short distance there are the natural parks of Val Troncea, Orsiera-Rocciavrè and Gran Bosco of Salbertrand. Fenestrelle, which is only 20 km far from Sestriere, has the biggest fortress in Europe

with the longest covered stairs. Furthermore there are many services like the swimming pool, the golf course, the sport stadium where it is possible to practise many sports such as basket, volleyball, ping-pong, tennis and football.

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Da poco è stata collegata con le piste di Pragelato per cui i nostri ospiti godono di nuovi chilometri di pista e altrettanti eccezionali fuoripista.
Anche d’estate Sestriere è in grado di offrirvi molto. A breve distanza si trovano i parchi Naturali della Val Troncea, Orsiera-Rocciavrè, Gran Bosco di Salbertrand, gli storici forti di Fenestrelle e di Exilles dove d’estate si possono fare delle escursioni e della passeggiate a piedi, a cavallo o in bicicletta.
Sono inoltre a disposizione numerosi servizi tra cui la piscina, il campo da golf, il maneggio, il palazzetto dello sport.
In estate un ricco calendario di manifestazioni vi farà entrare a contatto con le tradizioni locali.

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